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Tonight’s Insanity On the Walking Dead

This sums up my reaction to tonight’s episode pretty well.  I mean, I loathed Goldilocks enough before.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep this short since I’m so confused by the crazy.

Carol, Tyrese, Goldilocks, Mika, and Judith got to play house for a while!

But Goldilocks still wanted to play with walkers.

She says she knows they have to kill some of them but the others are nice.  Why can’t we just get along with the nice ones!?!

So Carol tries to toughen Mika up by taking her deer hunting.

But she can’t kill living things.  

At least she can (and will) kill walkers.

So Tyrese and Carol think they could stay here and he even trusts her.

She wanted to tell him the truth but couldn’t yet.  So they head back to the house to find

Seriously Goldilocks!!!!!

And she just starts rambling on about how everyone will see and they can be like the walkers together.

So they sit there talking to her.

Eventually she gives Carol and Tyrese her weapons but wants to keep her sister as a pet when she wakes up.

So Carol and Tyrese decide to do what needs to be done since

Carol goes for a walk with Goldilocks to pick flowers for Mika when she “wakes up.”  But there’s another purpose here.

But “Why are you mad at me!?!?!”

Now, “Look at the flowers.”

Then Carol pulls out her gun to rid the world of a bitch.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I’m not sure which one I hate more, Andrea or Lizzy…


And with one shot Carol has done it.  I told you

So then Carol and Tyrese bury the girls and decide to head out in the morning.  

But Carol realizes now is the time to confess.

And when she’s done she tells Tyrese to do what he has to.

But then he does something totally unexpected.

Just wow.

So I leave you tonight not for a drink, but to have my feels about Mika and Tyrese’s forgiveness.  

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